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Yo! I'm Ashe!!! I'm a leather worker based in LA. Come peruse my wares traveler. This is a running list of premade leather pieces I have available. Prices are shipped to the US. It will be a lil more if you are international. If you want to commission me for a custom piece let me know! Contact info is at the bottom of the page!

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Light blue Kitty collar

This lil guy should fit necks from ~13 inches to ~15 inches! $60 shipped to ya

A tsurikawa

Made a few of these as a goof cause I wanted one for my car, if theres is interest I could make more! The ring is stainless steel!

$35 shipped to your humble abode

For inquiries on purchasing Any of these premade pieces or commisioning something for your self, please shoot me an email or dm me on the bird app!!!


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