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So what do I charge?

My base rate for custom collar designs starts at $150 and goes up from there depending on complexity.

I wanna make whatever wacky ass design you have in your head come to life! Even a rough sketch in ms paint is a fun thing to work from. Premade collars are usually cheaper, and that includes if you want a design I have made before i.e. you want something like a regular ass dog/cat collar would be cheaper. I don't tend to keep huge stocks of premades cause I want to make 100% sure the things I make to fit the people who buy them!

My rates for custom harnesses start at $350 and goes up from there.

Custom harnesses are a lot of work, take a lot of material, and a lot of measuring so they fit comfortably. As always I'm down to spitball designs with you. This is just a lil more of an involved process!

As for anything else? Hit my line! These are the things I make the most but I'm down to work with you and attempt anything I think is within my skillset! ALSO I want to emphasize that I know this shit can be pricy, but I love doing it and want to work with you even if we have to fudge the budget a bit. I'm not trying to price people out of stuff!

For inquiries on purchasing Any of these premade pieces or commisioning something for your self, please shoot me an email or dm me on the bird app!!!


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