Care tips!

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How do i take care of this thing!!

SO there are a few products I reccomend for care, the main thing being Neatsfoot oil!

Neatsfoot oil is what I use to condition leather, used in moderation. I would say stick your grimy paws into this jug and massage some of it into your piece of leather by hand every couple of months. Don't over do it! Neatsfoot oil softens leather by breaking it down so if you do it too much it will just turn to goop..! I would heavily recommend rubbing the oil in by hand, it breaks down gloves and such. It's a nice thing to make a ritual out of!

How do I clean this mf?

For cleaning i would recommend getting some sort of soft brush and using saddle soap.

I like the spray stuff but its also available in a paste/balm form. Just spray it on and use your brush to scrub and then let air dry. Oil after cleaning!

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